Having a nice headshot can give you wondrous benefits. If you want to apply for work then it could help you to have acceptance. You can put it in your resume or LinkedIn profile to heighten the chances of getting accepted.

Aside from that, if you have your website then you can put it on the about me page of that. It will give your website a better reputation. It will allow your visitors to trust what you are saying.

To be effective, you must ensure that you know what to wear for professional headshots. It is a great way for you to increase the way you look and personality as well.

If you want to have a professional-looking profile not only online but in real life as well then this is for you. We will tackle all about what to wear for professional headshots and you’ll love it.

After we finished this article, you will have that camera-ready outfit. This will give you the best headshot of your life.

Right Colors

Believe it or not, plain colors are the best selection that you can do. It will make you look elegant without getting too exaggerated. You must select the following shades though:

  • Green
  • Blue 
  • Purple
  • Wine

They are all pleasing to the eyes and will blend with your other clothes. Regardless of your skin tone, you will have the ability for your look to stand out.

But, you must prevent yourself from wearing tops that have flesh-colored tones. Some examples of it are the:

  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Peach
  • Yellow
  • Pastels

Also, avoid dark or light-colored tops such as white and black. Those two colors could disrupt the lighting of the room and can provide premature shots. 

If you love dark colors then you can go for dark green, maroon, navy blue, or dark brown. Since black also depicts the feeling of remorse then you don’t want to project that vibe as well.

Wear a Nice Jewelry

By wearing necklaces and earrings you can project confidence in the camera. Be sure, that the pieces of jewelry that you’ll be wearing are simple and not that too fancy. You’ll not distract the people who will be looking at that specific headshot of yours.

Also, while you are wearing jewelry any flaws on your face will not be noticeable. This is because the jewelry will revert the attention of the person who will look at your photo.

If you have a lighter skin tone then wearing gold pieces of jewelry is a good choice. But, you can opt for silver ones if you have a darker skin tone.

Wear V-Necks

By wearing a nice top that is v-neck it will make you look more sophisticated. It will give you a décolleté look that is flattering and will put more emphasis on your neck. 

If you are a woman you can go for blouses that have sleeves. Also, consider having yourself mid-gauge knits. They are perfect to put some texture on your photo. This is a great way to have an attractive look on your headshot photo.

It also gives a better framing on the face to make it look standout on the photo.

Proper Posing

When it comes to taking photos, there is no doubt that posing is a big factor. If you have the proper posing such as angle particularly in a headshot you will look good.
One factor that is perfect to use is shadows. If you consider this factor, it can make you look slimmer. There are lots of tricks when it comes to taking headshots. What I do is to move my head a little bit forward so that there will be no occurrence of double chin that will happen. 

I also make sure that I turn my one shoulder a little bit forward for a better angle. For people with big jaw lines then you can try tilting your jaw to make it look slimmer.

Right Smiling

There is no contest that by smiling you will have the ability to make your headshot vibrant. It will lead to better results and can make you look better. The key to having a great smile in photographs is by relaxing.

By making yourself relaxed, you can ease the tensions in your mind and body. It will allow you to smile without looking exaggerated.

The old method of saying “cheese: works well too. You should do it as it brings out the natural smile within you.

Light Make-Up

This is optional though and more advisable only for females. It will lessen the occurrence of oiliness on your skin. Oily skin is never good on camera. It will make you look bad and stinky. So make sure that your skin is not oily when taking your headshot.

If you are not comfortable with wearing makeup then a simple face powder will do. Apply it on your face in light amounts for better results. It will not take too much of your time so be sure to add it to your routine.


This is one of the most overlooked parts when it comes to taking headshots. People with small eyes can benefit a lot from this. You can wear an eyeglass to put some more definition to your eyes. This will result in a more amazing headshot photograph.

Ponytail or Gel

For women, make sure that you wear your ponytail. It will make your hair look neat and tidy which is crucial for a nice headshot. Then for guys, combing your hair and putting some gel/wax on it is a great choice. It can hold your hair properly while putting some shine on it.

Extra Tips

Now you know what to wear for professional headshots, we have more tips for you. On the tips that we will give you, you will have the chance to make that headshot photo of yours a perfect one.

Good Camera

A high-quality camera is super important if you want to do a DIY headshot. Although you can find them on photo booth studios but see to it that they have one. By having a good camera, you will have photos with higher resolutions. 

There is no contest that the best headshots are from the excellent cameras. So if you want to optimize the most out of your photographs then consider upgrading that old camera.

Buying one can be a little bit hard as the price does not come too cheap. It is an assurance that you are getting the most out of your photos.

Clean Background

It is important to have a clean and plain background when talking headshots. This will result in a professional-looking photo that will stand out from the rest. 

Still, the perfect color to use in taking headshots is white. The color white is so clean and pleasing to look at. This is the primary reason why it will not go out of style in the following years to come.

Great Editing Skills

Once you have mastered the craft of editing then rest assured that your photos will look nicer. You can remove the imperfections on your face or shadows on the photo. This will result in a much better photo that will catch the attention of everyone.

The most famous photo editing app is right now is Adobe Photoshop. It has useful tools that you can use to enhance your photo. So you do not have to worry anymore of imperfections that you have on your headshot photo.


Well, those are simple tips that you can do to get the most out of your headshots. Follow those tips and see to it that you put them to your heart. You will get the best photo of your life that can open up boundless opportunities.

We are glad to share this knowledge with you about what to wear for professional headshots. We had a good time and we hope you had yours as well.

Published On: March 29, 2023 / Categories: Business /

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