In today’s marketing trend, there is no contest that videos are getting popular. But, if you are still a newbie in that type of marketing then you might get overwhelmed. Since there are lots of video types right now, choosing the best one can be tricky. This is why this article is here to provide you with an idea of what video type to use.

We have compiled the best 6+ video types that will attract customers. You will know each advantage once you apply it to your business. Let’s not delay it anymore by starting the list!

Animated Explainer Videos

These videos are very widespread nowadays. They gained popularity because of its cool concept. The narrator on this video draws something that turns into graphics. It is effective in bringing out the points that you wanted to imply. This is why it is powerful when used as a marketing tool. 

It will help you engage your audience into an interactive video. This will give you the privilege to explain your products. The audience will know how significant your products are in life. It will allow them to think to avail them which will increase your brand’s visibility.

This is a great way to increase your sales. It does not matter if what kind of business that you have because it works both ways. The good thing about this kind of video is you can tell what you want point by point.

Brand Film Videos

If you have some extra budget, why not take it to the next level? With film videos, you can compose some great storylines and integrate them into your brand. This is best if you want people to remember your brand. A lot of businesses have done a great job promoting their brand with the help of these videos. It helped them extraordinarily showcase their products and services.

This increased sales and performance. It is also proven that brand film videos are very popular. This is because they live a long-lasting imprint on the minds of people. This makes it a great strategy to capture the hearts of the customers for the long term.

Behind the Scenes Videos

This is perfect if you already have a wide audience base. It will drive a lot of engagement on the audience and will help you market your products better. It gives your audience the notion that you are very particular with transparency. This is because you are also showing what happens behind the camera.

This is not only applicable for brand film videos but for what happens inside your business. Like how you do things in your business, etc. ensure that your behind the scenes videos are realistic. This is because people can sense if you are fooling around.

FAQs Videos

Question and answer videos are getting popular these days because of the vloggers. It is perfect to integrate it into your video marketing campaign. This will let you know the current needs of people. They can ask you questions that are relevant to your business which will help you cater to their needs. Keep in mind that you must ensure that you are answering the questions directly to the point.

This type of videos must be as brief as possible. This will keep the audience engaged and will prevent the occurrence of boredom. It is noticeable that short videos drive better leads because of curiosity. People will be curious about what you are talking about in the video if it is true or not through trying.

Testimonial Videos

There is no contest that testimonial videos work best for marketing. It will allow prospective customers to know what they will get from your products. They will get an idea from your previous customers if they want it or not. From this, they can conclude if they will avail or not.

Be sure that you make your testimonial videos as realistic as possible. This will result in better conversions. People will start coming into your door and buy your products. Or if you have a website then expect that you will have higher traffic. 

Happy customers lead to a fruitful business. So if you manage your craft well then rest assured that everything will work on autopilot. People will do the testimonials for you because they are happy about what they’ve got.

Demo Videos

By sharing how your product works will attract customers. It will make people think that your products provide functionality and satisfaction. This will not only make them know how to use your product but to have an idea of what they will get. It will help them to decide if they will buy the product or not. This is why you must see to it that your video is informational and easy to understand.

You do not want to have a video that is too complicated. By doing so, you will annoy the audiences resulting in them quitting watching your video. This is a part of the 6+ video types that will attract customers. This is because of its ability to give buyers the curiosity that they needed.

Whiteboard Videos

It does not matter if you do not have the skills in drawing. Since whiteboard videos are usually automated. You have to download software that will allow you to make high-quality videos. They are usually premium meaning they aren’t free at all. You have to pay a certain amount to download the full version of the app.

The software will allow you to create wonderful whiteboard videos. They are in a drag and drop manner using a GUI. You can add audio in it to make it more interactive. It will let you express what you wanted to say.

Some Tips

Be Smart

When choosing a video type, ensure that is suitable for your business. We have various niches in business that’s why a video type might work well on a certain niche. You just have to weigh in the options on how it can help your business. For example, if you have a physical product then it is worth it to try doing a demo video.

Get the Best Equipment

It comprises of a nice computer and video editing software. This will make your video up-to-date and more desirable to watch. Right now, people love to watch videos that are of high-resolution images. This is why a crappy computer will not allow you to edit it because of extreme lags.

So it is important to invest in a good computer for you to get the best results. It is important to have a few high-quality videos than many but poor in quality. 


Now you know the various video types that you can use for your business then its time to apply it. You have to choose the best type of video that will suit your business. The 6+ video types that will attract customers are one big step in reaching your goal.

You might wait a little longer than expected but once you already have your videos set, you’ll wait. The results will come if you are consistent and works hard on your goal. Make your video high-quality and rest assured that it will attract positive attention.

Published On: March 31, 2023 / Categories: Digital Marketing /

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