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Due to the increase in the number of social media platforms over time, this type of marketing increased with it. Now, it is a foundational marketing aspect of any successful business.

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Social networking is all about making connections. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn are perfect examples of social networking websites where users connect with other users. Having a social media presence on social networking platforms is certainly a great way to expand your audience.

Just as the name implies, microblogging is blogging but with the creation of short sentences or paragraphs. Websites such as Twitter and Tumblr are perfect examples of where users share microblogs. This means of sharing is a fantastic way to reach and update your audience.

Photo and video sharing is by far the most popular type of social media, especially for the youth and young adults. For example, YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform in the world and Instagram is the world’s number one in photo-sharing. Photo and video sharing is an amazing way to engage your audience.

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How do you know what content to share?

All of your posts should revolve around what the social media platform is about. For example, posting a video on Facebook may not be as popular as posting the video on YouTube. This is because people who want to watch videos naturally go to video-sharing platforms instead.

How often should you post?

How often you post should also revolve around the social media platform and what it is used for. Take LinkedIn, for example. It is a social networking platform that is considered to be more professional than Facebook. Therefore, any business updates and announcements here will be appropriate to share at any time and as many as needed.

Which social media should you have?

This is probably one of the most difficult questions that new business owners have on their minds. Because there are so many to choose from, the best answer is to start with the social media platform that you are most familiar with. Then, as you progress, you will gain enough experience to know how to expand your social media presence on other platforms.

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Whether you wish to increase your brand awareness, build your potentials pool, or promote website traffic, you should definitely be on social media!

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