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There are quite a lot of ways that you can grow your business. Pay-per-click marketing is one of these and is one of the very effective methods of advertising.

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PPC advertising on search engines is very similar to SEO. The advertiser bids for their ad to be placed on the search engine based on a certain keyword. For example, if someone types “fountain pens” in the search bar of a search engine, then advertisers who have bided for that specific keyword may have their advertisement appear on the results page.

PPC advertising on social media is a little different than on search engines. Instead of biding for keywords in the hopes that your ad makes the cut, your goal is to choose a targeted or specific audience. These advertisements on social media also don’t have to typically lead visitors to your website but can take them to your own social media account instead.

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Where can you advertise your PPC ads?

You can practically place your PCC ads on any platform or website at your choosing. Provided, of course, that the website or platform agrees or approves to show your ad. However, many businesses choose specific websites or platforms that have relevance to what they’re advertising. This is so that they can have a greater chance of getting clicks.

How much are the fees for PPC?

The fee you pay-per-click on your ads will also depend on your agreement with the platform or third-party website. With Google, for example, the charge is typically $1 or $2. But, Google does have a deal that if your ad gets enough clicks, they will lower their fees. You should also consider how long you want to display your advertisement for as this will add to your PPC marketing cost.

Are PPC ads actually effective?

Studies have confirmed that PPC ads result in a very successful turnaround. In fact, ads that appear on search engines receive more than 45% clicks. Visitors who click on PPC ads rather than randomly stumbling on the advertiser’s website are more likely to become actual clients or customers.

Produce amazing growth

PPC marketing will only evolve with the online world and because of this online expansion, the potential audience also grows.

Increase website traffic

There are many ways that you can advertise and there are countless platforms or websites to take advantage of now.


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