Project Details

Brand Refresh | PPC Campaign | SEO

Accelerated Open MRI

Project Summary

Seeking to implement various strategies, such as website design, media production and Google Ads, to help them promote their services to potential customers. The project was a success – we were able to increase visibility for the clinic’s services and drive more targeted traffic to their website. As a result of our efforts, the clinic saw an increase in leads and conversions from their digital marketing campaign.

Our Mission

Our mission with providing digital marketing services to open Accelerated MRI clinics is to help them grow their business and reach more potential customers. We strive to implement the most effective strategies, such as SEO and website design, to increase visibility for their services. By utilizing our expertise in digital marketing, we are committed to helping these clinics achieve their goals of generating more leads and driving higher conversions.

We recently produced a media campaign for accelerated open MRI clinic to help them promote their services on social media. Our team created high-quality visuals and compelling copy that accurately conveyed the key benefits of the clinic’s offerings. We also crafted custom messages for each platform, ensuring maximum engagement from target audiences. Through our efforts, we were able to increase brand awareness for the clinic and drive more interest in their services.

After working with TristarDMA, we were thrilled with the results. It increased our brand visibility and website traffic through media production, website design, and social media campaigns. Highly recommended.